Dumb Cops, Ignorant Media Exaggerate Marijuana Value.. AGAIN

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Did you guys think I was lying about dumb ass cops and the media that help them spread their garbage in my last post?

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Here’s another one to sink your teeth into. Let’s go…

Marijuana operations shut down

It seems cops in Texas have found the ultimate marijuana grow operation in the world to date. Even I’ve never heard of marijuana grown this way. You won’t believe what the cops said..

Plants grown this way shoot up rapidly and produce plants free of stems and seeds. The dried leaves produce a high dollar drug. “Street value would be around $6,000 an ounce,” explained Kerss, who also invited in the DEA and Texas Rangers into the investigation.

Well, slap my ass and call me Susan.

I’ll be damned if the idiots actually found a marijuana plant with NO FUCKING STEMS. And, if you think that’s a misquote or typo, the cops continue to say that it will be worth “$6,000 an ounce”. Yeah folks – leaves, roots, and no stems. Technically, they didn’t say anything about roots or even buds. It’s no wonder this marijuana has a street value of 6,000 per ounce. It doesn’t have any damn stems. The THC level must be around 200% too.


And, your tax money was spent saving us from whom?

So far, deputies have charged Charles Thomas Smith, Timothy Gillispie,63 and Daniel Poirier,54 all of Nacogdoches County with engaging in organized criminal activity.

Yeah folks, the DEA and Texas Rangers were called into this “amazing” haul by the local idiots to save the American people from 3 senior citizens! Ok, I’ll be fair to the local, state, and federal authorities here – 2 senior citizens and 1 almost senior citizen. I wonder if that makes the “authorities” feel better about what they’re doing with their lives.

And, what exactly did they find at this amazing marijuana grow operation?

The alleged growers of marijuana were into hydroponics. Only one lush marijuana plant was found.


How many cops from how many different agencies spent how much tax payer money for ONE plant?

Well, to be fair, it was quite a nice operation they had going on from the video – very well kept home and property, top notch equipment, and a nice hydroponic setup. I see the grow lights, the mother room.. shit.. they even had the meters to keep track of pH and ppms and so on. By the quick look at the nutrients, it seems they were growing organic.

The good thing about organic growers is that they are naturalists for the most part. They won’t use unnecessary or unnatural products. They won’t give you anything that they won’t use themselves. It was a high quality operation, very clean.

When marijuana is legalized, I hope these guys get out and start up their farm again. It was impressive. It’s the kind of the model that indoor commercial growers should probably follow. We need more growers like that supplying the consumers.

Til then folks, GROW YOUR OWN.

On another note, I don’t think I can just leave this without giving some honorable mention to the idiotic media, KTRE and, the author of this stupidity, Donna McCollum. Without their propagation of infinite stupidity and lack of journalistic integrity, people are lead to believe that marijuana can possibly bring them $6,000 an ounce. I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to believe that marijuana can grow without stems… WAIT.. Donna McCollum and KTRE was stupid enough to run that line in this fairytale.

$6,000 an ounce… aaaahhhh hahahahahaha.. SO STUPID.


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