Don’t Get Too Happy About U. Of Arizona Marijuana Research

Don’t Get Too Happy About U. Of Arizona Marijuana Research
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This gave me hope: Government approves medical marijuana research

“The Obama administration handed backers of medical marijuana a significant victory Friday, opening the way for a University of Arizona researcher to examine whether pot can help veterans cope with post-traumatic stress, a move that could lead to broader studies into potential benefits of the drug.”

The article makes it sound all gravy. As I’m reading, I’m getting quite excited about it. Finally, the US government is allowing marijuana research. However, when it comes to marijuana research in the United States, history gives me reason to pause, reason to be skeptical, and reason to be pessimistic.

I’m sure my marijuana advocate friends already know – but did YOU know that there are well over 10,000 studies on marijuana outside of the United States. I know, in our little American bubble, we’d like to think we’re at the forefront of all things, including research. But, when it comes to marijuana, the US only registers in the amount of lies and misinformation

Consider the Tulane/Heath study, famous for making the connection between marijuana and brain damage, and also famous for being completely fabricated and ultimately debunked. This was, and in many areas, still is, a major tool for prohibitionist liars. Who here hasn’t heard of marijuana causing brain damage.

Well, that fabrication, although debunked, has morphed into damaging children’s brains but there’s no proof of that either. I wonder how even marijuana advocates fell for that one. Granted, marijuana does something to all of our brains. We have to have the sense to question whether it’s damage or actually fixing or just altering the brain.

Consider the number of children being helped by marijuana for things like autism, epilepsy, attention deficit disorder, and the list goes on. Is marijuana damaging these young brains? Clearly not, if the marijuana is the reason they’re living normal lives. Does that equate to brain damage or even the fear of brain damage? Come on people. The answer is NO!.

The US government has found more than one researcher to falsify reports. They’ve developed and perpetuated a campaign of misinformation for decades. As they’re clearly losing the war on marijuana, I would guess they’re looking to revisit this old tactic.

Perhaps, the Hail Mary pass of marijuana prohibition is another fake study.The new Tulane/Heath study for the 21st century might be the Arizona/Sisley study. I hold out hope for better but I have far too much reason to have my guard up. I think, if the US was finally interested in medical marijuana, why are they only approving this one study when there have been so many requests in the past? Why aren’t they considering the 11,000+ studies that already exist elsewhere? Why aren’t these studies still being ignored? Why is history still being ignored?

Why?… Why?… Why?…

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