Budget cuts? Police first!! Episode 2

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Episode 1: Budget cuts? Police first!!

I thought I’d relay a comment I left on an article I’d just read: Suspension for 3 Cops in Facebook Flap. In short, a few dumb ass cops were canned from their jobs due to racist and sexist comments on their Facebook pages. Here is my response to that article:

It’s the economy people. You really think these officers would have been fired for these comments if states weren’t looking for ways to cut down on the budget. Some of the greatest costs to cities and states happens to be bad police policy, where crooked cops get slaps on the wrist for the crimes they commit while badged.

Think about it. Look at the Oscar Grant murder. The family is suing the city for $50M. Ask yourself, how many of these lawsuits exist in your city, state, and across the nation? How many of them have been settled or already judged on? How many millions are these areas losing because of police misconduct?? Finally, police are being let go left and right all of a sudden where they’d just be placed on desk duty or something like that. It should have been this way all along.

Unfortunately, it takes a bad economy for people to think straight and start making cops accountable for their actions. Why should innocent taxpayers have to fork over millions to people that should never have been hurt in the first place only to continue paying some creep who was never good at his/her job in the first place?

Truthfully speaking, I hope more terminations of police occur throughout the nation. For far too long, the police have been more of a liability than an asset. It’s time certain officials start taking this burden more seriously. In times when we can’t provide decent school books to our children or afford to keep a hospital open, there’s no reason why any county, city, or state should tolerate the arrogance and willfullness of crooked police officers. How many more millions do we taxpayers have to shell out to victims of police misconduct or outright brutality before we come to our senses??

New York City

  • $8.75 Million for brutalizing Abner Louima – 218 jobs (@ 40k/year for 1 year)
  • $3 Million for the murder of Ousman Zongo – 75 jobs
  • $3 Million for the murder of Amadou Diallo – 75 jobs
  • $3 Million for the murder of Anthony Baez – 75 jobs


  • Loevy & Loevy, civil rights law firm, claims to have won $80 Million in settlements – 2,000 jobs

And we’re not even discussing general court costs as well as any other costs associated with incarceration.

If I was getting paid to write these posts, I’d continue looking up this information. But I think my readers get the point. This nation can save a lot of money and a lot of jobs if these “officials” do something about police brutality.

I think Harrison officials are smart for getting rid of these officers BEFORE they create greater liabilities for the town!

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