Blogging While High Ep 5: What’s with Twitter users?

Blogging While High Ep 5: What’s with Twitter users?

This Blogging While High episode was brought to you by NYC Diesel.
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Note: This post inspired by Five people I am no longer following on Twitter @
These Digital Times


My 30 day marijuana hiatus is up [link]. It was up since Sunday, March 22. But, I admit, I rationalized my way to a day short. Yup. If I count the day I decided to start to March 22nd, it would have been 30 days. However, and this is where the rationalization comes from, I include the time before I started in which I didn’t smoke any weed, which amounts to a period of 2-3 days, I really did 31-32 days, since I only did 29. At any rate, I was off for 30 days and that’s what it is. I win. Nyaaaaah.

Strain Report: NYC Diesel

It was ok. The smell was pretty potent as I could smell it from my pocket while I was at the store. It felt good in my hand – firm but not rock hard, kind of fluffy. It looked really good when I finally got home. It even tasted good.

However, I’ve had better NYC Diesel. I don’t think it was as strong as it should have been. I think the buds were possibly screened before packaging because when I pulled out the microscope, a lot of the heads were missing but even inside the buds when I cracked them open.

Let’s Talk: Twitter

What is Twitter? Easy answer.

“Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages.” [Twitter]

However, you’ve got folks that go even deeper to explain Twitter better than Twitter. [About] Here’s a lengthy account that basically expands the hell out of that definition like a synopsis of an Art of War passage. That’s a semi-high brow joke for you people who only read Eric Jerome Dickey.. yeah you! LOL.

However, I feel almost bombarded by these social media folks that, I think, has redefined how twitter is used. Their way is careless and wild. They have no integrity. I think that’s what might be ruining twitter. The problem is, of course, greed. People want to be followed the most. People always want something. I don’t think folks should feel they have to follow someone else.

I suggest folks follow who they want to hear from. Also, we followers need to not be upset if someone doesn’t follow us. Don’t worry about your twitter ranking. It’s irrelevent. Increase the integrity of those that follow you.

Truth is, I know people are following me just because I am following them. And I am following people just because they are following me. Most, I genuinely have an interest. But, they aren’t interesting at all. Right now, I follow 340 people and 405 people follow me. I am knocking 5 people off my list right now. They are

  1. Chris Moody, @chris_moody, is just boring but he’s the manager of New Media at the Cato Institute [@catoinstitute] which is pretty cool to follow.
  2. Evan Williams, @ev, is also boring and the CEO of Twitter.
  3. Terry Ng, @kineda, is a link pusher… ahhhhh. Everything is a link. Booooo. GO OUTSIDE. But, I do keep his site on hand. I just go to it about once a month.
  4. THERUNDOWN, @therundown, is another link pusher. I’ve already got an RSS Reader.
  5. Just Salad, @justsalad, is a spot in NYC that serves just salad. Get it? Just Salad. Anyway, I love green flora but not that much. I’m a red meat eater anyway. “Where’s the beed?” I’ve always said if PETA ever gets animal as food concept banned or criminalized in some way, I will eat a PETA member. I figure if I am going to break the law, I might as well try human!

Anyway, I think this is what we should all do. Look on your list and just remove 5 people from it that you know you probably never cared to follow in the first place. I hope it’s not me though. I’d think folks loved me. LOL

Do you have any good follow or following rules that you use to maintain the integrity of your list??

Edit: Make sure you follow me on twitter @anthonytaurus!

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  • Yup I did this this!

  • Excellent advice. I clean up my Twitter following list every few weeks or so. Feels good.

    Also, I am sick to frickin’ death of social media gurus, life coaches etc etc etc. Seriously people? Unless you have discovered a way to make typing burn calories, I AINT INTERESTED!

    That being said, I love Twitter. I’ve met lots of interesting people there (including you), it’s been great for my blog and I swear sometimes I use it instead of Google when I have a question. It’s great.

  • *lmao* I loved this! Got the link from someone on Twitter! Please, keep writing/sharing! 😀

    Congrats on your NYC Diesel