Blogging While High Ep 4: I Miss the Muppets

Blogging While High Ep 4: I Miss the Muppets
This Blogging While High episode was brought to you by PHD.
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I’ve never been one to follow the crowd completely. I’ve always liked the “other” things people don’t normally give much attention. It’s like finding a gem that others may have ignored because it wasn’t big enough. In the situation of Jim Henson’s Muppets, I’ve always felt a few characters didn’t get their due respect. So, here are some videos of those guys

Swedish Chef

This guy has probably been my number one favorite of all time because you can’t understand a damn thing he’s saying but you really do.


Bunsen and Beaker

My favorite muppet scientists. Bunsen is always devising some crazy thing and Beaker gets to deal with the pain of trying it out for him. And, who could ever really get over Beaker’s “language impediment”.

Statler and Waldorf

I think anyone will recognize these two old men but I am sure if I went around by name, I’d get blank stares. They are the reason I want to be a crotchety old man one day. It seems like so much fun.

And Just for fun

Strain Report

When I sat down in the car with my connect, she told me that this PHD is really good, even better than the PHD from before. I didn’t think anything of it to be honest. The PHD was always good. I should have known something was up when she asked me about the smell in her car. She was never really concerned about the smell before. But, none of that registered to me. I went to my friend’s spot, rolled a decent sized blunt, and began kicking his ass in Fight Night 3. No, I am NOT to be reckoned with in Fight Night 3. I did let him knock me out once while I used Roy Jones Jr. But, that was the 3rd match or 2nd rematch so I had to let him get it. LOL.

We then switched to Ranbow 6: Vegas 2 and that’s when it happened. My eyes were closing and I couldn’t keep them open. It could very well be that I hadn’t slept at all since I woke up around 1am that morning and it was, then, around 10pm. My friend continued playing while I caught myself drooling, literally. I realized this PHD is REALLY GOOD. My connect was NOT bullshittin.

Earlier this afternoon, as I was writing another post after smoking half a joint, I noticed the screen of my laptop start.. hmmm.. wiggling! I thought to myself, “THIS PHD IS REALLY GOOD!” Then I fell to sleep again. It’s great because I haven’t been put on my ass since the Pink Bunny Hallucination of (November) 2007.

The PHD is pretty strong. I wish that my sense of smell was better so I could relate the scent better. However, I can smell the freshness in it. As I look at it, the light causes the “diamonds” to sort of dance. When I crack open a bud, it’s like a jewelry store, everything just glistens. It’s not as frosty as other buds I’ve tried. For example, a friend had some Bubble Gum that was just dripping diamond dust, very white, and very strong. I say that because I didn’t want to over-praise the PHD.

Anyway, if you’re in New York City and you hear someone has PHD, you won’t be let down. Also make sure you try the Headband and the Nebula if there’s any left. I missed out on it. The Blueberry Kush tho.. eh.. pass on it!

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