Blogging While High Ep 3: Ten Friends vs Free Whopper

Blogging While High Ep 3: Ten Friends vs Free Whopper
This Blogging While High episode was brought to you by Juicy Fruit.
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So, I’m sitting here skimming through the Huffington Post for anything remotely interesting and I come across: Whopper Sacrifice, Burger King’s Facebook Promotion: Delete 10 Friends For Free Whopper. Well the title sort of speaks for itself. If you delete 10 friends from your Facebook page, you can get a free whopper.

As I was smoking, I thought about it at face value. I felt negative about it: “Why whould I give up 10 friends for a whopper?” I thought it wasn’t worth it. I felt this wasn’t a good campaign.

As my mind climbed toward that high, I thought about what friends I would get “delete” if I chose that whopper. I came across a few names I figure I wouldn’t really miss. I stopped myself at three names. Don’t ask, I only remember one. No, I am not telling. But, she’s one of those people with too many friends herself so I wouldn’t even be missed.


Could I find 10 friends that wouldn’t even notice I was off their list?

NO! NO! NO! Leave it alone.

So, I just started reading the article to see what it says while Larry King had Priscilla Presley talking about Elvis and some watch and some horses and some shit about cake on the lawn on that bar at the bottom. Anyway, I read (as quoted from Adweek):

“The effort crafted by Crispin Porter + Bogusky came about after agency creative staffers confronted the too-many-friends scenario themselves on Facebook.”

And I thought that made perfect sense. I had that problem on Myspace. Had a list about 200+ and chopped it down to about 75 actual people. And yes, I communicated with all of them. Unfortunately for Myspace, it’s all about Facebook.

Now, that I am done with that article and my high has begun to taper ever so gently, that whopper is looking really really good. Those 10 friends are about to get rationalized right the fuck off my list. I will give each one a reason. Some will be harsh while other will be soft. Some might be quiet and some might get loud. But, in the end, it’s all about feeding these munchies. That whopper sounds damn good to me

Strain Report

Juicy Fruit is awesome. It’s really the kind of marijuana that I look for. At the first few puffs, I didn’t really feel anything. After a while, I just start hearing differently. Immediately, I knew there had to be some sativa in it. It’s as if you can more easily focus on specific sounds while tuning others out. Like right now, all I hear is me tapping on the keyboard and the hum of my fan. At the same time, I can hear the traffic outside of my window but it’s very muffled. Also my body became numb and tingly. I felt my toes curling a bit. That’s when I knew I was high. I just got more sensitive to hearing and feeling. Don’t ask what happened (down there). This stuff works.

I believe it also has some indica in it. I do feel the drowsiness in it. The first time I smoked it, it put me to sleep. It’s not as strong a sleep as the Kushes I’ve had. It’s more of a very warm comfortable feeling. When I usually throw the cover over myself for a nap, I snuggled up with my pillow and I noticed everything was soft and relaxed. I didn’t drop like a rock. I felt rocked to sleep. This stuff works.

Physically speaking, Juicy Fruit is packed with diamonds (or THC). It was almost like a pale green color when it’s usually much darker. The color is lighter due to the amount of diamonds. It doesn’t smell all that strong and I couldn’t place it but scent is just a small part of the evaluation. And, it does smoke up quite smoothly.



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  • Hey Prez,

    This is hilarious! I didn’t realize that there was a free Whopper promotion! I will be happy to drop 10 friends on Facebook for a Whopper!! *LOL*

    You can add them back after finishing the Whopper right?


  • Sounds like good smoke, the Juicy Fruit. I’m a sativa fan in the morning, and an indica smoker at night, ha ha. And always up for a good cross-strain.

  • You are a mess! lol I would delete 10 myspace “friends” in a heartbeat. But I am still trying to get some friends on Face. Add me!!!