Best Marijuana Legalization Ad That’s Not About Marijuana

Best Marijuana Legalization Ad That’s Not About Marijuana
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A friend of mine put up a video of a Rihanna song on Facebook. I didn’t recognize so I hit play. Then, that annoying ad popped up and I always skip it after the 5 second wait, if the option is available. But, in those five seconds, I got pulled in by this text: “120 MILLION PEOPLE ARE TAKING PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS“.

By the way, that’s just good advertising right there. But, on to the ad.

Briefly, the ad is about the side effects of psychotic drugs or anti-psychotic drugs. It’s two minutes long, mostly text based, and to a rock-like audio track. But, it talks about side effects, that list of things that can go wrong that ALL pharmaceutical companies gloss over quickly in their own advertising.

The poses the question, do you KNOW what these medications can do to you? When the doctor prescribes the drug to you, do you bother to do research on it. The things we find out are SCARY. Our family members are on it. If the spot is true, almost 20% of our nation is using psychotic drugs.

My nephew was prescribed Ritalin when he was about 7. He never took one pill. He’s 16 now. He’s ALRIGHT. Why? He doesn’t have mental problems unless you count being a child to be a mental problem. The doctor tried to give my father Cymbalta. I thought it was for his heart. I looked it up. I tossed the bottle in the trash. My father isn’t psychotic. He’s old and tired all the time. something a man who used to play and teach tennis doesn’t know well. So, yeah, he’s going to get frustrated, upset, annoyed, angry. That doesn’t mean you’re supposed to drug him.

Here’s the spot:

But, why is it a great ad for marijuana legalization? Think about it. We’re a nation who views a plant that has such a low potential for harm as something so evil that it can be legally justified to kill someone in cold blood for even being around it. But, your children can pop these “anti-psychotic” medications like candy. You can live by the bottle and die from liver failure. You can smoke a pack a day and die from lung cancer. You can live by the pill and jump out of window.

But,  you can’t eat/drink/smoke marijuana which even with it’s worst side effects, has never/will never kill you nor cause you to bring harm to others or yourself.

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