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The Myth of Marijuana Potency
4 comments, 19/05/2009, by in Opinion

IntroI've been keeping up with marijuana news more and more and something has gotten to me. It seems that the government has decided to rehash another long dead lie about marijuana in an effort to scare people into their way of thinking. The big lie is that marijuana is now more potent than it was 4... Read more...

Grow Your Own: Back to Security
1 comment, 15/05/2009, by in Grow Shop, Guide

So, you've got your equipment from various places. You didn't raise any red flags. You've started growing and your first crop was AWESOME. You even rolled a 2-gram joint of your own homegrown and it had you floored. Happily ever after, right? WRONG! Security continues to be an issue from odo... Read more...

Grow Your Own: Item List/Seeds
Comments Off on Grow Your Own: Item List/Seeds, 13/05/2009, by in Grow Shop, Guide

Continuing from yesterday, I want to let folks know exactly what they should be focusing on when purchasing items to start their own marijuana grow op. Let's get started. Item Categories It depends on HOW you intend to grow your buds. Keep in mind, all you do is simulate nature as best as you ... Read more...