Anthony’s Marijuana Growing Advice

Anthony’s Marijuana Growing Advice
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Grow Your Own Series

  1. Intro
    What to expect and what not to expect from the Grow Your Own series
  • Buying Equipment
    Some “rules” regarding buying equipment
  • Item Lists/Seeds
    Actual equipment/gear for growing marijuana, how it’s all used, and a note on buying marijuana seeds
  • Let’s Grow Something
    Discussing the general life cycle of marijuana from seed to ash and perpetual growing
  • Back to Security
    Reminder on maintaining security once you’re already set up and growing

Other Grow advice

  1. Managing Small Plants
    Although growing small plants is more of a hobby, there are a lot of useful skills that you may use in managing a larger garden.

Essential Knowledge


  • Marijuana Forums
    I can’t tell you everything. A book can’t even tell you everything. But, thousands of growers on a marijuana forum should be able to tell you anything. Join one. Try International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums. Sign up, read the forums while you wait for approval, ask questions only if you can’t find the answer through a search.
  • Local, State, Federal Laws
    Never do anything unless you thoroughly foresee, understand and accept the consequences of your actions. Growing marijuana is still a crime even in California. As long as you can be prosecuted for it by someone, it’s a crime. It’s best we all know and accept that reality. Sure, we can go into a whole debate on it and I’ll agree, under the US Constitution, it is legal. But, guns and money run the United States, not the US Constitution. When you have DEA agents with assault rifles pointed at you and your family, you won’t have a chance to debate anyone legally. And, your chances surviving court are slim to none. Know your rights and the law. If you know what they can and will do, you won’t act recklessly. Find out what the laws are in your state.


I will be updating this from time to time.

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