Aha! Oakland Cops Getting Canned for Lying

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Oakland to fire 11 cops in search warrant case [SF Gate via Drug Law Blog]

Let’s keep this one short and sweet. Simply put, these dirty cops were caught falsifying evidence to judges to get search warrants so they could play SWAT on innocent people. Because these idiots were caught lying the city of Oakland has to suck up not one but TWO class-action lawsuits. For the record, when you see “class-action”, it means a lot of people’s lives have been negatively affected by these 11 dirty bastards.

Police are their own problem

What’s really sad about this case is that although these police were caught red handed, the other officers and attorneys are bringing out every excuse in the book to support these animals. First there’s some crap about not training the officers by the attorneys for the lying cops. I have to wonder, what kind of training is required to teach ADULTS to not lie? Is that not something you learn as a child from your parents? Did these animals grow up without any morals? With the way these police officers act around the nations, it’s totally possible they did grow up without morals or home training. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lift their hind legs to use the bathroom.

And don’t think this is just Oakland. Remember Michael Mineo? He’s the guy that was sodomized by an NYPD officer in the daytime in a train stration. Even two other police officers corroborate the story told by Michael Mineo. Let me rephrase, other police officers supported the victim’s story. So, how do other NYPD officers react to this dirty cop sodomizing another man? They come to the court to taunt Mineo and call him a faggot!
And here’s that article: Police taunt subway accuser

Seriously, how in the hell am I to have respect for police officers when they do things like taunt a victim who was raped. And, the very few that do actually have the balls to be REAL cops and tell the truth end up being drummed out of the force in some way shape or form. So, even when REAL cops do exist, they don’t last long in the department.

The Real Reason They’re Being Fired

Let’s be honest people. How often do we ever get a chance to see police officers actually be reprimanded for the willful abuse of their authority. The NYPD still consists of cold blooded murderers among the typical liars, thieves, pimps, addicts, and so on. This is because the NYPD protects themselves along with the judges and attorneys that also help protect the crooked cops. So, upon reading…

“These terminations are difficult for the city, but they show that honesty and integrity are non-negotiable for officers in the Oakland Police Department,” Russo said. “The terminations demonstrate that the Oakland Police Department’s internal review systems and reform measures are operating soundly and in the interests of justice.”

…I called BULLSHIT! Police departments do not FIRE police officers. It simply doesn’t happen. They will do their best to protect their members. Paid leave is the WORST thing a police officer will ever face even after cold blooded murder.

So, you want to know why the city of Oakland is really firing these dirty liars? Hey, even I don’t know but, I can take an educated guess. How about the economy? Cities and states are looking for any way to cut down on their expenditures. The worst expenditure any city or state can have is a class-action lawuit which can, and most likely will, amount to multi-million dollar pay outs. And Oakland has TWO of them right now.

And you know what, they just had another case in which the city had to pay out $10.5 million. Another bad expenditure is to keep proven dirty cops on the force. Beyond that, it’s costly to send the message to other police officers that their risky behavior will be protected by the city in the future. That’s 11 paychecks the city of Oakland won’t have to cut to these mongrel dogs which is money that can be used for more important things around the city.

Last Call

And, that’s hopefully a message to other police officers around the US to actually do their jobs PROPERLY for once! I hope that other cities in the US follow suit, especially here in NYC where a good portion of police officers need to be pink slipped starting with the 48th precinct in the Bronx. The memory of that 18yo beaten by five officers while already handcuffed on the ground as other officers stand around and watch will NEVER escape my memory simply because they arrested me for being a witness to their crime.

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