30 Days, No weed. Can I do it?

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Many people think that marijuana is addictive. This idea is very much wrong. The concept of marijuana addiction comes from one of two places: lies/misinformation or addictive personalities. As I am properly informed and I do suffer from an addictive personality, quitting marijuana for 30 days should be no problem for me.

Misinformation is one thing. Lying is another.

Sometimes, we as a people, have to rely on sources that we believe are credible due to their position, title, stature in the community. A great example of this are police officers. Society, in general, usually has the belief that police officers have the community’s best interest in mind. This is usually why most police officers aren’t questioned when they make false statements. No one is saying that this person is lying to us outright. The officer may very well believe what he’s telling the people. This is why we have to question the messenger.

Imagine some random person comes up to you claiming your significant other cheated on you. You’d question them: How do you know? Unfortunately, as it is human nature, we don’t question who we believe is credible. Well, where does this police officer get his information from? We don’t know do we. But, because this person has a badge and blue uniform, we’re supposed to believe him. Right? Wrong. I am not asking anyone to never believe another police officer. I am asking people to question the messenger.


I have a friend who told me outright that he couldn’t quit marijuana. I thought this was very weird. I’ve stopped using marijuana in the past personally and without any adverse reactions. I’d go for a week or two and not have any “crave” or withdrawal problem that’s been popularized in the past. My own situation made me think about why my friend couldn’t quit, yet I could with no problem.

In talks with him, others, and reading accounts of fake-addiction, I came to the realization that he was weak. I’ve yet to see someone who admits to being addicted to marijuana not come out and say they’re addicted to other substances as well. He not only smoked marijuana, but he also smoked cigarettes, drank liquor, and had other problems stemming from long before he smoked marijuana. While watching the news regarding California’s legalization issue, a woman called in claiming she was addicted to marijuana. Before I could wonder what other addictions she had, she admitted using a variety of different drugs but didn’t name them all either.

One day, my friend and I were talking about quitting again and I confronted him when he claimed he was addicted to marijuana. He admitted he knew marijuana was not addictive but that he indeed had an addictive personality. In other words, he’s one of those people that has to be attached to something. Once he had a girlfriend, he completely quit marijuana turning it down at one point leaving me to smoke by myself. However, the minute they broke up, he called to tell me that he started back up again. Interestingly enough, the woman who called into the news program was a born again Christian. Let’s be honest, those types scare the hell out of most normal people. They’re personalities are way overboard. But, let’s not get anything twisted, they replaced one “addiction” for another. That’s the sign of an addictive personality, not addiction to marijuana.

Truth? Find out for yourself

Unfortunately, my “truth” about marijuana not being addictive is simply my own personal story, empirical evidence so to speak. It won’t be enough for some people. Most police officers and especially DEA, masters of misinformation in my opinion, would trump up every rebuttal in the book including lies and deceit. I can bring out a million other pot heads, and former pot heads, to help me prove my point but it may still not be enough. Why not trust people of a higher or stronger reputation? “Who?”, you ask. How about doctors and researchers who have actual experience studying marijuana and its effects. And, all I am asking is that YOU get proof from actual studies, not uneducated police officers and not even from marijuana users like me (although we have actual first hand experience). I am very much certain that my information is 100% correct.

Can I do 30 days?

There are some people who are never going to accept this reality. The answer to the question will be a resounding “NO!” They truly believe that marijuana is addictive. Going 30 days without smoking marijuana would be inconceivable.

Their attitudes are HILARIOUS.

For the record, I am currently on day 6 of not smoking marijuana. If anyone knows anything about TRUE addiction, there’s no way in hell I could go 6 days without smoking marijuana unless I am getting “professional” help. I must be going through some serious withdrawal symptoms. Well, no! I do not exhibit any withdrawal symptoms, none at all. I do not have the shakes of a cocaine addict. I do not have the irritability of a caffeine or nicotine addict either. Actually, I am pretty calm, relaxed, and functioning very well if I do say so myself. This is because I know for a fact that marijuana not addictive. Why?

Hold on to your pants folks!

The last time I took a hiatus from smoking marijuana was starting June 1st (technically mid May) and ending November 1st of 2008. Yes, that is 4 months of not smoking marijuana. Why? How? Simply put, I had gotten food poisoning in early May. I couldn’t smoke anything for the whole time that I was sick. Everything pretty much aggravated my stomach. Only thing I could handle was tea and eating very small meals. When it was finally over, I realized that I went about two weeks without using marijuana. I simply didn’t want it anymore. My friend, the same one with the addictive personality, invited me over since I was back from the dead. He had a blunt rolled and waiting. I told him that I wouldn’t be smoking because I didn’t have the urge anymore. He said, “We’ll see about that when you get here!” After hours of XBOX360, I went home as sober as I walked in, as sober as a a born again Christian, which isn’t saying much, I know.

For me, 30 days of not smoking marijuana is as easy as Lance Armstrong riding his bike one New York City block. And, I only have another 24 days to go. It officially ends on March 22nd. That’s when I’ll smoke marijuana again.

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    its a mtter of choice and desire… I dont believe its addictive. Herpies is a virus & STD no disrespect to the police but they are not the best sorce for reliable information on this subject… Do your own research…

  • 30 days… *chants* Yes You Can!

  • I agree.. quitting forever is a lifestyle change. It’s like quitting meat or candy. I went to dinner with a friend and she was on a 30-day no pork diet. I forgot and ordered pork ribs. She looked at me so rough that entire night. I think the fact that marijuana users can quit and not even have that kind of attitude really shows how safe marijuana truly is, safer than pork ribs lol