2700 year-old marijauna stash (and then some)

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I think we all know marijuana has been around for thousands of years in just about every culture outside of the Americas. All over the world, people have used cannabis for all kinds of purposes, primarily medical and secondarily because people like to get high. Yeah, they do.

2,700-year-old marijuana stash found [link]

I found this story in the Toronto Sun (via High Times). Simply put, researchers found 789 grams of marijuana that…

was clearly “cultivated for psychoactive purposes,” rather than as fibre for clothing or as food, says a research paper in the Journal of Experimental Botany.

Yes folks. People smoked marijuana just to get high 2,700 years ago. And guess what! 2,700 years later, people STILL smoke marijuana just to get high. And, what else!? 2,700 years from now, people will STILL be smoking marijuana JUST TO GET HIGH.

Anyway, back to the article.

The 789 grams of dried cannabis was buried alongside a light-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian man, likely a shaman of the Gushi culture, near Turpan in northwestern China.

So, it was a white guy in China who decided he wanted to be buried with almsot two pounds marijuana to take with him into the afterlife. Honestly, I don’t know if that would have been enough for me to take into the afterlife. I don’t rightly know how long an afterlife would be if it does exist but just in case I might want to go in with a long ton (2200 pounds). Check on it in one year. If it hasn’t been touched then feel free to take it out the grave. I am positive a one-year cure underground will make it worth the wait.

Other Marijuana History

As I’ve said before, there are plenty of other cases in which marijuana shows up in history and much further back than the above article. For example, in Egypt, the pharaohs used to bath in cannabis oils. We’re talking some 5,000+ years ago. Egyptians were growing and harvesting fields of this stuff for their daily use. And check the process.

Even in the Bible, the name for marijuana is kaneh bosem. Drop the “em” and you’ve got kaneh bos which sounds a hell of a lot like cannabis and is considered the root of the word cannabis. Unfortunately, the problem is that most Christians never really know what the Bible is saying due to bad translations and missing sections. So, there is a debate about what exactly kaneh bosem is today. The reason it’s a problem is because kaneh bosem is the main ingredient in anointing oil or what is known today as holy water. We’ve got one side of people who can’t imagine that Jesus or Moses used marijuana in some way, shape or form. (It’s the devil weed, right!?) And, you’ve got the other side that’s made the connection between kaneh bos and cannabis.

It’s all about the use of oil.

You see, the THC in marijuana is not water soluble. In other words, it won’t dissolve in water. However, THC is fat soluble as well as alcohol soluble. The fat soluble part is important because oil contains plenty of fat. This is why people make cannabis butter for use in cooking; butter has fat.

I believe the people were interested in the THC more than the plant. If it were just plant itself, they could have just as easily used water. But I don’t know enough about that time period to jump to that educated guess. It wouldn’t be far fetched for me to believe that Egyptians, and later on Jews followed by Christians, used marijuana for multiple purposes.

This history of marijuana is specifically why many people also call it God’s herb. Rastafarians believe that you can connect with God more through the use of marijuana. It’s a sacrament to them and many others all around world.

Quick Tip

If you’re ever having trouble searching for marijuana-related info, like the stuff I am talking about here, use the word “cannabis” instead. In fact, the scientific name is Cannabis Sativa. Usually, when people are speaking “intelligently” about marijuana, they choose to use the more scientific term. Personally, I think it’s a subconcious, and sometimes concious, effort to maintain some air of legitimacy. Ridiculous, but it works.


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  • Anonymous

    That all checks out too, very interesting, prehaps in time man will figure it out lol after all if you took the time-line that cannabis has been used freely and to a sence was legal
    and placed it along side of the time-line that cannabis has been made Illegal
    well its like placeing the equator along side an ant.

    Cannabis has made my life alot more livley, i find it calms me down (really captian obvious?) and allows me to think things through more clearly and be more intouch with my feelings and emotions, I like it 🙂 , some people try it a few times and only smoke it on rare occasions with friends, some dont like just like some dont like alcohol.
    Cannabis aint like heroin, ice (methamphetamines), cocaine ect… that 5hit turn addicts out of anyone.

    We use Oil that we drill from the planet to fuel cars and make plastics, instead of useing hemp seed oil, we act as though oil serves no purpose to the planet, I’ve come to learn having done geology that the oil in our earth acts like a lubricant for the tectonic plates…
    but I am just a “dumb stoner” so what do I know

    We farm trees, cotten and Soy which all account to 50% of the worlds furtillizer and pesticide use
    Instead of farming Hemp, which we can paper from even make woods like Medium density fiber boards high density boards ect
    Hemp can make clothing, could tottaly replace the need for soybean it is second only to soy beans in its proteins
    yet does not leave the soil barren like soy crops do, Hemp returns it nutrients in the dorm of falling leafs thus reducing
    the amount of fertillizer needed and trust me cannabis will grow from unfertillized soils, heck it’ll grow in you backyard.

    Cannabis can even improve the lives of terminally ill cancer patients undergoing kemo therpy, help people
    with aids to eat and actully keep food down, look for your self the reseach for yourself about Medicinal cannabis use there is
    so much it can help the sick and ill with.
    but the bottem line is money nobody gives a fark, wood farmers, oil companies, coal mining compaines, the cotten industry ect they DO NOT WANT
    INDUSTRIAL HEMP because it would most likley be a massive competitor, a ‘threat’ to the survival of their companies which yes provides us with
    our creature comforts and conveniences but all these things don’t have to go, there is solar power and wind power there is power in the oceans currents and the thunders clouds and lightening all free….. and water, water can power cars… along side with Industrial Hemp nothing will dissapear but Jobs but with that they will be replaced with new jobs using new materials (industrail hemp, pulp, fiber oils ect)
    but the polluting companies whcih serve for nothing more than the greed for a bigger number in their account than yours.
    they seem to have the bigger say over the majority of the planets populations…
    In time, one day, something has got to give, I believe we will change our ways, I believe that with the passing of older gernerations prehaps newer generations
    can change the world.

  • That shit is full of CBDs by now. Not one bit of THC left. But, the CBDs are what’s responsible for cancer regression. I’d smoke it just to see. LOL

  • the weed fossilized thats some old and powerful thc